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Suicide Cleanup Services in Detroit, MI

Suicide Cleanup Services in Detroit, MI

Suicide Clean up in Detroit and the Surrounding Areas

The days following a suicide can be difficult and traumatic for the family. Once the first responders and police have left, there is still the task of cleaning up and returning the space to a safe environment. In addition to the emotional toll this can take on you, there are health hazards to be aware of. Blood and bodily fluids can carry dangerous pathogens that may cause serious illness if not handled properly.  
At T.A.C.T. Detroit, we believe that your last memories of your loved one should not be cleaning up. We understand the importance of professional and specialized care to help remove biohazards and address all risks to help restore the area to a safe environment. Additionally, most homeowner’s insurance policies cover death clean up, drastically reducing or eliminating your out of pocket expenses.  
Due to the risks involved with cleaning up biohazardous materials, as well as the strict guidelines for legally disposing of the waste, seeking professional help is crucial when it comes to suicide cleanup. A professional biohazard remediation company, such as T.A.C.T. Detroit, is certified and trained in the correct procedures, and has the required equipment needed to fully remediate the area in order to return it to a safe environment. Our technicians will ensure that all contaminants are removed and that the area is sanitized so you don’t have to worry about the health and safety of your family.

What’s Next?

After emergency responders have all left the scene, you might be left wondering what you should do next. The answer is to call T.A.C.T. We will guide you through the next steps, help you with the insurance claim, advise you of what you should expect, and then we will take care of cleaning up and returning the area to normal. When you are dealing with the trauma of a tragic event such as suicide, having the guidance and support of experienced professionals will allow you to process your grief, make funeral arrangements and deal with other matters. 
T.A.C.T. Detroit will arrive quickly when you call, answer your questions and help you understand the next steps. Our crews are available 24/7, 365 days a year. When you call T.A.C.T. for help, regardless of what time it is, your call will be answered by an owner or manager. We do not use an answering service or out-of-state dispatcher to route calls. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, serving residents and businesses in Detroit and the surrounding areas.
If you are in need of cleaning in your home or other property you own following a suicide, call T.A.C.T. Detroit for local, compassionate and discrete service. We have 24/7 emergency service available year round. We will answer your questions, help you with the next steps in the process and assist you with your insurance company. 

T.A.C.T. Detroit- The Last Responders

Here are the steps of the whole process

  1. Call T.A.C.T or fill the form to contact us

  2. We arrive at your home quickly

  3. We create a plan of action

  4. Work is completed

  5. Your life goes back to normal


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